Monday, March 26, 2007

To Stand or Not to Stand

I posted these on the personal side of things, so forgive me if you've already seen them! DD is learning to stand, and I shot these of her cute little self the other day. Looking at them again they'd make a great storyboard ;)
Tech Info:
50mm (my new love!)
ISO 800

OH, and I did try to shoot from the other side when I'd finished these, but she promptly fell down (of course)...I'll have to get them another day.


tanya said...

Too cute. Photographers kids are so lucky, they get everything documented!!!

Angela said...

so cute! Sigh...I remember when my babies were that little. Savor every special moment like this. They grow up way too fast!

Ellen said...

Ohh I love those trying to stand moments. So hilariously cute!

Christie said...

oh how sweet! this would make an adorable storyboard!