Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Which do you prefer?

Black and white, or color? :) Just a little poll.

I'm a b/w gal myself :) Though I've been trying color more to "break out of the box" so to speak!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Thought this was a fun shot. I love this toy, and I thought it would fit the post processing I did well. Takes on kind of a vintage-y feel! Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

June Special!

Hooray for summer!

June's special is as follows; Any sessions booked in June will receive a complimentary mini album with my favorite proofs from your session! Whoopie!

Fine Print: Good only on sessions booked in June. Not applicable with other monthly promotions. Photographer to choose images for the mini album. No substitutions.

Tagged again!

This is so fun! I love having something new to blog about :)

I am to list 5 of my favorite things:

1. My hubby and baby E.
2. My family (including my fur babies).
3. Photography and all things photography related (I could seriously look at other photog's sites all day long).
4. Good food (yes, I LOVE to eat, and especially fresh, local things...mmm strawberries!)
5. Warm breezes on perfect summer nights (like last night) and "window weather" :)

I could list a million other things, but those seem to be top on my mind right now. I'm off to tag 5 others!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Officially Branded

Whew! What a week! I have now officially "branded" my business. Which means, I have done all the legwork, and have brochures, new cards, packaging, etc etc etc! And it all matches and is super fabulous (if I do say so myself!). A few more things to work on and I'm golden. I am about to get an upgrade to the 5d baby! I made up my mind :) Just need to wait for B&H to reopen... I will be back before friday with June's special (I completely missed may...sorry!). Oh, and if you're looking at logos/card designs, give Erica's page a looksee...she was wonderful to work with, and I LOVE my stuff!

The Logo :) (and my business cards ROCK! )

Tag! I'm it!

Woo hoo! Thanks Jenna :)

I am supposed to share 5 reasons I blog. Sorry if some of these are repeats, there are only so many reasons! Hee hee.

1. I LOVE to look at others' photography. It inspires me. In this way, I hope I insipre some of you!

2. 2 advertising :)

3. I get to share client photos more quickly than waiting for the proofs! Whoopie!

4. I get to keep everyone up to date on what is going on (well, not so much lately, but I'll be back, I promise!). I'm just as bad lately with the family blog...ugh.

5. Willowdawn's right, it is a great way to document my growth and the growth of my business :)

Let's see...who to tag!
Amy C

I'm off to let them know!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Forgive me!

If I even have visitors anymore, please forgive my absence! I have been so incredibly busy lately! Good I know, but bad for the poor little blog :)

New news! I have a new logo (yes, again). I wasn't happy with the squares I designed. The lovely Erica Hernandez whipped up one for me, and I lurrrrve it. I have also been hard at work designing new welcome packets, and updating the website (and other boring business related stuff).

Here's a little preview of my new logo :)