Saturday, May 12, 2007

Forgive me!

If I even have visitors anymore, please forgive my absence! I have been so incredibly busy lately! Good I know, but bad for the poor little blog :)

New news! I have a new logo (yes, again). I wasn't happy with the squares I designed. The lovely Erica Hernandez whipped up one for me, and I lurrrrve it. I have also been hard at work designing new welcome packets, and updating the website (and other boring business related stuff).

Here's a little preview of my new logo :)


Ellen said...

You're forgiven.. I keep disappearing too :)

I love the new logo (although I liked your last one too), and all the business stuff sounds exciting. Hope it all goes well, come back soon!

athousandwordsphoto said...

Thanks Ellen :) I liked my old logo too, I just didn't think it fit my personality!

Sherry B said...

Great logo! I like it!
I have trouble picking out things like logos...I like changing them too!

Christie said...

awesome logo. love the script and the swirls.

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Love the new logo!!

athousandwordsphoto said...

Thanks all! I love this logo so much! She did a bus. card for me too, it's awesome!