Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Contest!

Yippee! Who doesn't love a contest!

Here's the scoop:
I love capturing memories for you in photographs. It is extremely rewarding and touching, not to mention just plain fun! Some of my most favorite memories are from summer evenings.

I grew up in "cow country" so to speak, on the edge of the main county near a bunch of farms. I can still remember the taste of fresh veggies right from our garden, days in our swimming pool (green hair!) and my fondest memories of campfires by the pond. I remember them almost every weekend...even if they were less frequent than that, time runs together in a childhood mind. The adults would sip their beverages, and the kiddies would roast marshmallows and eat smores, climb trees, swing and chat in the treehouse until the mosquitoes and black flies ate us alive. Ah, summer...

Contest rules are as follows: EMAIL me your favorite summer memory (doesn't have to be childhood). Also send me your favorite picture from any summer and a short description of why it speaks to you. Entrants MUST be signed up for the newsletter (to the right) to qualify.

Deadline is July 10. I will post the winner's memory and photo on the blog! Encourage your friends to enter too! The winner will recieve a discounted session and print credit!

OH! And a friendly reminder that I will soon open my fall schedule and posting holiday deadlines. NOW is the time to book your sessions and avoid the holiday rush! (you can order holiday cards at a later date)

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