Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedded Bliss | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Earlier in the month, I was in the wedding of my very best friend (from waaaaay back). I shipped my gear to myself, hopped a plane and had an amazing weekend sharing in her festivities! My darling H made a stunning bride, and there was not even a hint of Bridezilla lurking beneath her flawless exterior :)

I was comissioned to photograph the "before" time, and once I had my dress on I declared myself off the clock! I did enjoy watching her "real" photographer work though :)

This was a fantastic wedding, and I hope that H & A had an amazing honeymoon and have made it back safe and sound. Thank you H for letting me take part in your beautiful day; you were gorgeous and I love you!

Here are just a few of my faves:

The "flower girl" :)

Start the day off right with mimosas!

The beautiful bride


Melissa Bak said...

Melody, you are an unbelievable photographer. I wasn't honestly sure what to expect cuz I'm no expert at photography, but I am above and beyond astounded. Your pictures of ordinary things are incredible. You are so talented! Heather looks beautiful in the picutres you took of her... and I didn't think it was possible i could love you anymore!

A Thousand Words Photography said...

Thank you love! She was a gorgeous bride, wasn't she?!